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History Ducati inseparably connected with sports. Created almost by accident in the late 40-s the production of motorcycles in early 50's was on the decline. We had to save the situation, and the company decided that the best solution would be to declare itself in the races. Efforts Fabio Taleon idea was embodied in life. So Ducati became the company that created the civil stories based on race, and not Vice versa, and in spite of not phenomenal (at first) progress in the sport forever remain "most race".

It's paradoxical, but the history of the "race" of motoring began not with motorcycles. Founded in 1926 by a family Ducati (brothers Bruno Cavalieri, Adriano and Marcello) the company started with production of electronics. By the beginning of the second world war in the service of the "Societa Radio Brevetti Ducati" - that's exactly what the founders of the "call" your business consisted of more than 10 thousand people, and produced by the company radios, electronic components and even cameras were known all over the world. Things were going, and the brothers had not thought of the change of activity. Made some corrections war.

After the Second World life in Italy has strongly changed. The welfare and prosperity of the developing States was replaced by the devastation and poverty. The country was plunged into an era bleak post-war existence. Destroyed everything, including transportation infrastructure. Poverty and the almost complete lack of public transportation pushed the Italians on the search for an inexpensive alternative to walking the walk. It is logical that it was a Bicycle.

The idea, which originated in the head of the Italian engineer Aldo Farinelli seemed to be lying on the surface, however, an idea came to him only. A month after the end of the war in which he held a small factory SIATA he established the production of small 50 CC engine, which according to the authors followed mounted on a Bicycle. The thought was so successful that after some time the factory has ceased to cope with orders and Aldo Farinelli agreed to sell the license of the larger company. It was nationalized at the end of the war Ducati. By 1950 the plant in Borgo Panigale, Bologna produced 200 thousand "puppies" - so the engine was named because of the characteristic sound of the exhaust, reminding barking puppy. Except engines by the time the plant was collected and the first Ducati motorcycle - 65-CBM TL-65. So grandiose success, seemingly dubious beginnings, much has changed. Motorcycle division no longer resembled a business for extra income and required constant attention. Because in 1953, the company was divided into two: Ducati Meccanica SpA and Ducati Elettrotecnica (the latter was renamed again in 1980, Ducati Energia).

1954 marked by the event, which predetermined the development of the company. They come in Ducati young and talented engineer Fabio Taglioni. Fabio was the author of most of the innovations, Ducati, including unique technology Desmo. His technical genius made Ducati star motorsports.

Developed Fabio Taglioni-cylinder 98-year-CC dewatering motorcycle became the ancestor of a victorious series Ducati motorcycles. The first serious victory bike won in 1955. Gran Sport running talented pilot Gianni Degli Antoni won nine-day race Motogiro d'italia in its class. He even beat most of 250 cubic competitors and even more modern Benelli. Even the Creator Marianna (100cc) - that was the name motorcycle later, he was surprised by the result demonstrated Anthony. The phenomenal success Gran Sport has forced the company to intensify the work on the new 125 cubic model, which was to take part in Grand Prix racing - at that time the most prestigious world competitions. Taleon created a bike in record time. July 15, 1956 motorcycle was presented 40 thousand army of fans of racing Grand Prix in Sweden. Together with all of you are acquainted with the bike and Degli Antoni... However, despite all difficulties, Degli won the race in Sweden, ahead Olle of Nigran for 3 seconds, and brought Ducati first victory in the Grand Prix.

However, grandiose successes Ducati racing career did not last long. Two months later, in practice, the previous Italian Grand Prix, Degli Antoni dies, lost control. Replaced him Alberto Gandossi was unable to repeat the success, Anthony. As a result, Ducati was forced to abandon its racing program for the entire 57 year, focusing only on developing new and improving existing products. And in 1958 the motorcycle Ducati DESMO confidently performed in the race of the Big Prizes, questioned the dominance of MV Agusta. Although to champion it never came, this success Ducati became hardly probable not the most important in the history of the company for already several years later place leaders for a long time was fixed for Japanese manufacturers.

In October 1959 Fabio Taglioni began work on a new two-cylinder 250 kubovy motor. It is based on the proven 125 CC engine Ducati. And on December 10, 1959, the General Director of the company Ducati Mechanics Giuseppe Montano officially introduced Mike Hailwood as the pilot of a new motorcycle DESMO SS. Mike was supposed to take part in the races of the World Cup in 1960, the launch of which was scheduled for spring.

Regardless of what the testing of a new bike too was held in Monza, the Englishman Mike demanded additional tests. He believed that the slow and uneven Italian highway motorcycle could not achieve its full potential, and therefore it should be examined and Silverstone (every Sandpiper praises its own swamp). Thus, in March 1960 bike arrived in the United Kingdom. It should be noted that in some way he was right. In the first days of Mike was able to lap 2 minutes 10 seconds and later continued to improve his time. By the time his official debut on the English track, which was held on April 9, Mike set an absolute record of the circle and a maximum speed of developing 147 km/H.

However, this is the first Golden era Ducati and ended. The parish in motorcycle Japanese brands initially forced the European model of transition to more “cubic” classes, and then for a long time drove them from the race Grand Prix. So, in 1961 Europeans no longer has a place in the classroom 125 and s, and since 1970 press on them and in the most prestigious, 500-CC class. Another 5 years (mostly, through the efforts of Giacomo Agostini) first place kept MV Agusta, however, the transition of the first pilot team Yamaha dealt a crushing blow to the positions of the European manufacturers in the race world Championship. It is noteworthy that in the history of the Grand Prix of the time have not been designated for Ducati. However, there is nothing surprising in the fact was not. As a public company, Ducati in the late 60s and early 70s were not paid due attention to the race. The rules were dictated by the state, which is not seen "the ride" absolutely no sense.

Big breakthrough in technological development of the company took place in the 1970s, when the world saw the legendary 750GT. There are several hypotheses about the emergence of a new motor. Especially interesting here is this. In the early 1960s Fabio Taglioni, fulfilling the American order, led the development of four-cylinder petrol engine capacity of 1300 cm3. The engine was created, however, afraid of the (bike speeds over 200 km/h), customer abandoned the idea. Realizing that demand among the broad spectrum of consumer product use will not, Taleon just "cut" motor in half, slightly increasing the amount of “half”. So there was a two-cylinder L-shaped 750 CC engine Ducati. The main success DESMO-version of this bike was the victory Sex Smarth on race Imola-200”.
The next page in the glorious history Ducati became motorcycle 900SS. The story of his success is inextricably linked with one of the main legends of world of motorcycle racing. Talking about the triumphal returning to motorcycling Mike Hailwood after participating in the races “first” formula. In 1977 at Silverstone he met Steve Wayne. After a short conversation Wayne invited Mike to try a new bike Ducati. Mike liked the motorcycle, and jokingly he suggested Wayne speak in the race Isle of Man TT next year. Steve, apparently, the joke was not understood, and a little later Halved has signed a contract with him.

The race Wayne brought three specially prepared Ducati bike. Motorcycle develop the capacity of 87 PS and surpassed even four-cylinder prototype Honda. However, regardless of the level of training, capacity of a bike and Grand talent of Halvad, few expected such a phenomenal success. Mike won not only the Isle of Man TT, but a week later shamed “invincible Japanese” in Mallory Park!
In 1979, came to light is the fastest serial periodby model - Ducati 500 Pantah, which was later supplemented versions of 350 and 600 SS. Meanwhile, in the early 1980s over the company threatened. Manufacture of motorcycles did not bring a profit, and the state has to think about the sale of the company. In 1983 between the Corporation Cagiva, the Italian government and Ducati agreement was made, and the company for the first time in 40 years have changed ownership. Fortunately, the new owners do not have to shut down (though the logic of this from them and demanded) and production of motorcycles was saved. Was saved and the brand, but the main power worked on ensuring power units Cagiva motorcycles. However, no matter what, exactly brothers and Claudio Gianfranco Castiglioni led Ducati her second Golden era.

Its beginning was laid 851-kubovy bike, designed by engineer Massimo Bordi. In 1988 Marco Lucchinelli won the first race of the World Superbike Championship in “Donington Park”. Already in 1990 modification 851SBK running Raymond Roche won the first title. Over the next 15 years Ducati only five(!) inferior crown champion another brand. In fact, we can say that the Superbike championship was created specially for Ducati. Quite to the contrary case the Italians went in Grand Prix racing. Only in 2001, when the company's business went up (that even caused brothers Castiglioni to need to sell some shares to expand production), Ducati turned their eyes towards the Royal MotoGP. In December 2002 saw the light of the prototype grumpily bike from Ducati-Desmosedici. And in 2003 list of participants of the world championship of the Big Prizes joined the red team. It is noteworthy that in his first season Ducati running Larisa Capirossi could finish the season in 4th place. And in 2006, the pilot Ducati season was the third.

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